WARNING : Pure Investment is not a bank. The system does not collect your money. This is an online business or investment, a community, where people come together and create an opportunity to eradicate poverty. All this is achieved when one member assists another by providing help to another member needing help, which then also puts them in line to receive help in return , when they need it. Please be aware ! ALL the funds are directly deposited,by the helper to the account of member needing help, and not to Pure Investment.


Pure Investment is an online community of people, without borders, who are willingly providing fiancial assistance to one another . There is no complex paperwork, contracts or pledging of your asserts in order to be part of this community. With Pure Investment, there are no lenders, nor debtors. The system is simple : *** There is no central account where all the funds are kept. All monies go straight from the assisting individual to the account of the member requesting help. There is no middle man keeping the the funds and communication is mainly between the member assisting and the member requesting help. Pure Investment only provides a platform for all these transactions, free of charge. In all; The system belongs to Pure Investment members . There are no registration or admin fees . We all need a little extra income, and what a better way than with Pure Investment? Register, grab your financial freedom and be ready to succeed financially and emotionally with Pure Investment.